After World War II, Piaggio, a hundred twenty year old company, was pretty much in ruins. The Company was a producer of airplanes, seaplanes, bombers, engines and rail equipment. Because of its military importance, Allied bombers completely destroyed the Piaggio factories. In 1946 Enrico Piaggio recognized the need for a small, fuel efficient, reliable vehicle with comfort and flair.

The Vespa (means wasp) was a revolutionary new two-wheeled vehicle designed  from aeronautical technology. The steel monocoque body gave rigidity and protected the rider from dirt and debris. By the end of 1949, 35,000 units were produced, and over one million by the mid-fifties! In the sixties (some of us can remember), Vespa reminds us of "Breakfast At Tiffany's", big city travel, and college campuses.

They're back again with new technology, reliability and the same elegance as before. Vespa offers four models; Piaggio has five, with more to come! Vespa continues to fascinate the public with an affordable means of freedom and transportation with Italian style and flair.