I was in your shop late last fall to have my bike’s regularly scheduled maintenance performed.  I’m big on adhering to  maintenance schedules.  My 2015 R1200RT is my first BMW bike which I purchased from Country Rode and is a pleasure to ride.   I’m looking forward to spring!
Thanks again,Eric

It was a pleasure working with you and Country Rode on the motorcycle purchase. From scheduling the test ride through riding away; there were no hitches or occasions where I felt any sales pressure.The motorcycle is bringing more enjoyment with every ride and is also quite unique (for the area) and generates a lot of positive feedback.The buying experience couldn't have been more pleasant. I can recommend Country Rode BMW without reservations.
Sincerely, Jake Hammonds
Mon, 13 Jun 2016

Just taking the time to say Thanks. Just called Jake in Service. He diagnosed my issue in about three seconds and had me running like a top again. Awesome to have you guys there looking after us riders and our bikes. Especially good to know you guys are so on top of these machines.
Thanks Jake!! Made my day and saved my ride.
That's it. Kieran Draper '04 GSA 1150.


Testimonial on a 2013 Vespa 300 Sport sent April 26, 2016

Tanya sent us a handwritten note after riding her new Vespa home which said: "I had a great ride home, and a ride the next day! What a great Scoot! 



TESTIMONIAL received February 11, 2016 from Ron Wille on his 2014 BMW F 800 GS
About Me: Ok a little about me.  I returned to motorcycling 3 years ago after a 20 year hiatus. My goal was to get back into the sport for the camaraderie and to explore this great country of ours. I hate the highways but love the back roads and dirt roads that criss cross our country.  

My Setup: Yes I have a farkle issue, but I would say no more or less than anyone else I ride with. I have added a few things to the bike each season.  The following is list of the important add ons that have helped to align the bike with my riding, safety and comfort.    
Cases - BMW Aluminum Adventure Cases and the Touratech Zega Pro Topcase
Navigation - Garmin Montana
Safety - BMW Adventure Rear Brake Foot Lever, BMW Adventure Auxiliary Lights, ZTechnik Mirror Extender
Protective - Barkbusters with the Storm Guards, AltRider Skid Plate, Puig Engine Guards
Windscreen - Current: VStream Tall Touring, Past: PUIG Touring Windscreen
Tires - Current: TKC 80s, Past: Karoo III’s
I have to say the F800 platform is great and all of the major vendors have lots of accessories for you to choose from. BMW also offers some great add ons as well as functional modifications you can make to the bike like lowering it. You will always have two or three options choose from and may never run out of things to add to the bike.

Touring: I have completed several trips on the F800 including tours of the Adirondacks, Catskills, Vermont and New Hampshire as well as riding the Skyline Drive and Blue Ridge Parkway.  I have ridden Rt 1 in CA on an F800 (rented bike).  In total I have been in 11 states on the F800.  I have completed a few 12 plus hour days in the saddle. The best upgrade I made to handle touring was my windscreen.  The stock screen is fine for around town but does nothing for you at highway speeds. I tried the Puig Touring windscreen and was very happy with it but recently went larger (VStream Tall Touring) and it transformed the motorcycle.   

Off Road: From an off road perspective I have spent a lot of time on the dirt roads of the Finger Lakes. I have logged a few thousands miles at this point on the dirt and I have to say the F800 handles this type of road very well.  I have also completed a large bike enduro in the catskills that covered some very interesting terrain.  The course was made up of very steep sections as well as lots of single track and a few stream crossings.  To make matters worse the course was very wet and muddy from several hours of rain on the day of the event. I have to say the bike handled amazingly. I was able to ride with some smaller “true” enduro bikes without issue and I passed a lot of larger adventure bikes that appeared to be having trouble.  Not sure how much of this was the rider or their setup but when things got tough I seemed to noticed most of the large bikes having issues. This did make me wonder how well the larger adventure bikes would handle fully loaded in the middle of nowhere.  While the F800 bike performed well in the extreme terrain, I have to say, I am not sure I will seek out this type of riding in the future but it is nice to know that the bike can handle whatever comes my way.   

Handling: Speaking of handling, it really is amazing what you can do on this bike.  I have been able to keep up with my sport bike buddies (on knobbies) in the twisties.  The wide bars make the bike flickable and once moving the weight of the bike just disappears. The upright riding position helps the motorcycle to be at home commuting, touring or adventure riding.  

Overall Impression: I really think the F800 is the perfect motorcycle.  It has more than enough power for spirited riding and passing.  You can tour reasonably comfortably for hours. It has the off road capabilities to tackle whatever you may encounter.  The only modification I feel is needed to hit the open road is a better windscreen but I am sure this is subjective. I feel like the F800 is the modern day version of the standard motorcycles of old, but with the best of today's technology and suspension. I would not be afraid to load up and head out for a few months of touring even if I never saw any dirt. The bike is worth at least your consideration and, well, a lengthy test ride.

Ben Rich - Electric Biker I had a great experience at Country Rode Motowerks! Really great people there. You can follow more adventures pushing the boundaries with electric motorcycle road trips and new developments at Ben Rich - Electric Biker

Subject Country Rode 2015 Holiday Cheer party

White Christmas ? Haha ! Thanks to you and Art for your warm hospitality yesterday. Robby and I had a wonderful time at your Holiday Party. Great food, warm camaraderie, fast bikes and cool gear.
Happy Holidays !
Joe Rebisz

From:Thomas Hubbard
To:"Arthur S. Elting" <countryrode@msn.com>

Art:  Got the new bike home safely. That machine is everything I thought it would be: smooth as a baby's butt; great power band; quick response in all gears; very ergonomic.

Subject:Big thank you to Country Rode Motowerks
From:Kurt Richardson

Dear Editor, 

Just wanted to give a hearty thank you to Art, Lyn and their whole staff with the help they gave us on our recent “bucket list” ride across the country f
rom Rochester, NY to Roswell, NM (home). Ten of us shipped our bikes to Country Rode Motowerks in Fairport, NY, picked them up and road about
4000 miles back home via the scenic route. I have to tell you that when I first called to ask whether receiving ten motorcycles for us was possible
I was worried about a negative response. They didn’t know me from Adam! Well, obviously the answer was yes and ten men made
a two-week trip across the US that they will never forget. Art and his staff were integral in getting it all started. The staff was nothing
but helpful and enthusiastic about the ride. They had our bikes stored and ready for us and gave us a place to get them ready out of the rain. 
A special thank you to Jake in service who happily took all my calls and acted as liason. We are fortunate as motorcycle enthusiasts and BMW riders
in particular to have this great dealer in the network.

Thanks Again,

Kurt J. Richardson

Doug Whitney reviewed Country Rode Motowerks — 5 star· 

Nice bunch of folks here were very helpful letting New Mexico take over their shop for a half day while we uncrated 10 motorcycles for the big ride...THANK YOU!

GREAT RIDING WEEKEND OF 9/26/15: Karen and I had a great ride over the weekend on a couple of Classic BMW's. A classically beautiful lady and weather made for great riding ! 30 degrees in Keene in the early AM , but still great riding . 
 The Phoenix R 1200c is 14 yrs old and still like new . The new RnineT was a perfect bike for Karen ( actually  anyone ) , responsive ,  light weight ,  easy to handle and with the lower profile, she can have both feet flat on the ground . Really a fun cycle to ride. I love it myself . Tom Kime

Message: Jake--
-I wanted to thank you for the good work you did on my Vespa. In the end you were able to boost the speed by 10 percent (OK, so it's 4 MPH. It still makes a big difference). It is actually quite noticeable! I'm glad to have it right again.


I Purchased a 2013 K1600GTL from you guys about 3 weeks ago...early May 2015...I have owned over 15 motorcycles in the past 31 years...Honda's, Kawasaki's, Suzuki's, Hyosung, and Yamaha...mostly sport bikes...and I have to say this BMW is by far the nicest bike I have ever owned...for a large bike...it handles so smoothly in corners, accelerating, and just overall riding pleasure...I could ride this bike all day long and still end the day with a smile on my face...BMW engineers are very good at attention to detail, ergonomics, and riding dynamics...excellent machine...will never go back to another brand...I am looking forward to racking up the miles on those beautiful back roads and twisties...the bike accelerates and brakes amazingly for a 740 pound bike....and I especially like the 7 gallon tank even though it gets great gas mileage...fewer stops when cruising leaving you more time to ride...the sales staff and owners were very nice and gracious...would recommend this bike to anyone looking for a touring or sport touring expereince!!! Thank you BMW!!!


SERVICE Saves the Day:

Many thanks to Jake and the crew at Country Rode! (And Tom!! Not only did you help create my wonderful “Frankenbike” (‘94 R1100rs with some of my original ‘99 R1100rs’s parts interwoven) a few years back, but now you have restored the non-functioning ABS and fixed the gas tank leak too! I love this bike. Having its ABS up and running again though, makes a huge difference. Thanks for thinking of using your new diagnostic equipment on my old bike. You have saved the day. I’m grateful to you again! Many thanks for excellent work and real care for the old (100,000 miles plus) machine. It’s good to have you guys in town.
— Rafe Martin
A Canadian says:
I wish I lived close enough for Country Rode to be my home dealership, but I live in Canada. In late September, I was heading down to VA and WV for some curvy road riding and, while enroute, noticed a potentially dangerous operational problem with my BMW 650. The service department took my bike in right away and fixed the problem quickly. Even though the fix was simply to correct an incorrectly routed cable, I was relieved to have the problem dealt with and happy to pay a fair price for the work. When I asked for my bill, the service manager simply wished me a nice day and said the adjustment would be at no charge. I’ve been to Country Rode many times, usually shopping for parts and clothing and have always been impressed with everything about them. My recent service experience just confirms what a great dealership this is. Two thumbs up!
— Tom Stewart
Birthday Ride
Hi Lyn, Thanks very much for the birthday card. I did have a nice long birthday ride Tony Keane and I did the masters class with Jim Ford in southeast Ohio. 1400 mi all told that weekend. It was the 5th anniversary of my first birthday ride, a 200 mi tour around various finger lakes, and I wanted to do something significant. Utterly amazing roads, good group of guys, and it was great to see Jim again. Thanks again, MW
— Mike Wadsworth
Bike Purchase
To: countryrode@msn.com Art; I just wanted to drop a line to you by way of follow-up on this. I cannot say enough good things about my entire experience in buying this motorcycle. Your dealership as well as your staff is top-notch in presentation, display, service, and just ordinary welcoming. Prior to this bike, I looked into Yamahas, Kawasakis, and even Harleys and it amazed me how most of the dealerships tended to treat the customer. You have established a presence and a culture that you should be proud of. As for the bike itself... Wow. I’ve had a smile on my face since the test ride yesterday. After an 80 mile trip home and another 110 miles today, all I can say is that this machine is amazing. It sounds odd, but once I realized to trust it, things seemed to go a lot smoother. It almost seemed to anticipate what I wanted to do. I just had to think about something and the bike did it. Turns I would white knuckle with my Harley were nothing on this. The level of confidence this bike provides is amazing. I’m still getting used to the shifting on this. Coming from a 30 year old Harley with a heel-toe shifter, this is slightly different. But with some more seat time, I don’t see it as a problem. My only real regret is that I bought it in December. It’s a long way till spring! Once again, thank you very much. I got a great deal on a great bike from a great dealership. I couldn’t be happier.
— Brad
My new F650GS
Art, I rode my F650GS home on Saturday. It took about two hours and when I got home I made excuses to go places on the bike. It is eveything I ever wanted in a bike. Very easy to ride, takes corners smooth, great visibility. I am looking forward to Friday (to ride it to work and show my co-workers) and Saturday (take it around Skaneateles Lake). Let Ron know I love the bike and will always have a BMW. It was a nice experience with the entire crew from Country Rode Motowerks. I am looking forward to see the picture of me and my bike on your gallery to show my co-workers. I’ll see you when my bike gets close to 1,000 miles.
— Jim
Demo Day not a total Washout
Hey Ron, I wanted to get a short thank you very much out to you guys and gals ASAP. My friend Tony and I took a ride out today to see everything that we missed last year. Except for the BMW test ride (mother nature at her best today) we left the store today not one bit disappointed! Tony and I talked about the time we spent at the store and the knowledge we learned today most of the way home (40 winks for the older guy). You guys rock and provide a first class dealership! We said how we wish you were a little closer because as a jap bike owner(hopefully soon to be Beemer riders) you are in total touch with your customers, we see that from an outsider perspective. You should and we know you are very proud owners. I frequently log onto your website to read about travel and adventures, look for used bikes and see what CRM events are going to be going on. I wont take up much more of your time but to say thank you again to you and your staff and as we said in the military (21 years and now retired) you guys run one hell of a tight ship!
— Dean Hall
Winter Gatherings
Hi Art...I LOVE your winter gatherings! Will be there for the Alaska seminar! Regarding the movie day... My husband John and I actually DID Alton Brown’s Pheasting second season where he did the Mississippi River Run. That is one COOL trip. We have the book and maps and could bring them with us if you decide to do that series. And we have TONS of pictures. Rode to the real bottom of the River in Louisiana and then followed the Great River Road all the way to Lake Itasca in Minn, then up and over the Great Lakes (one of our favorite routes home). Season One was also very cool. We haven’t followed that one yet...
— Patti
2-up trip to Kentucky
We just returned from a 1500 mile trip to Kentucky. The bike (K1200LT) ran flawlessly but Ohio construction shook the mirrors off the mounting posts - had to replace one. Wouldn’t have been an issue with a GS.
— Glenn & Karen
Comfortshell comments - Tom, Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how the Comfort Shell performed thus far. For me it has been a very good jacket. In cool weather it is warm enough (mid 60s) and fits well. I have not had it on in a downpour, but have had it in steady rain and it kept me dry. In the hot weather (upper 70s to 90s) it was very cool and comfortable. Now that we are in the 40s for my morning commute it is not warm enough, but that is to be expected for a jacket without a liner. I just throw a thin windbreaker under the jacket and it still is pretty good in the 40s. The jacket fits very nicely. There is never going to be a perfect jacket but this comfort shell is quite good and comfortable.
— Richard Tucker
“How do you like your R nineT?”.

It’s amazing! I love it! It was a pleasure to meet you. The experience was great, everyone was so nice. Erica, Axl and I had a great time.
— Don Yearick
New K1600GT
I barely left the parking lot a few hours ago on my new K1600GT, but I wanted to say thanks. This is now my second bike I’ve purchased from you and in both cases your dealership has been an absolute joy to deal with. You have a great team and a wonderful atmosphere for someone looking at motorcycles - both to buy or just check out. I think my only complaint is that you don’t have a nice satellite office down here in the south towns.
— Bradley J. Bartram
Traveler from Michigan visits CRM
On 7/2/2013 12:46 PM, Crawforth Tim wrote: Art, I was at your dealership last Friday (6/28/13) with my son and a friend to get a new front tire and rear brakes for my sons R1200R, while on our way back to Michigan. I just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed speaking with you and your wonderful staff. I do like my Harley Street Glide, but I must admit youve got me thinking, maybe a K1600GTL might be in my future someday. Thanks again.
— Tim
New S1000RR
Hello Art, I just received your message, thank you for checking back in, I love the bike! It inspires so much confidence..... almost too much. Not that I needed any more justification, but an early ride this morning summed everything up. A few critters decided to dart out in front of me and I will have to say that ABS was a life saver.
— Ben from Honeoye Falls
Riding in Jan.
Lyn, Art and the Boys On 1/8/2012 6:53 AM, Von Martt wrote: HAPPINESS IS.Riding most he day on Jan. 7th [in NY] and washing your bike, in a T-Shirt!with confidence that your machine was readydue in large part to the team in the service dept. at Country Rode. I LOVE GLOBAL WARMING ! Thanks Jake - Toby - Dan !!
— Von Martt
Throttle Bodies fix
From: Chris Adams To: countryrode@msn.com Thanks to all at Country Rode for the team effort to make a repair to my 2010 R1200GS relative painless and as on time as can be expected. For those of you reading this keep in mind that knowledge of product can be to your detriment when you don’t pay attention to things that you read in service manuals, BMW ones at that. I had an idle problem and stutter on acceleration so I performed a sync of the throttle bodies to no avail. Of course, with that knowledge that I have, there has to be more screws to turn to resolve this issue. So after reading the BMW manual where it says DO NOT TOUCH THESE LITTLE SCREWS WITH BLUE LOCK TIGHT OR THROTTLE BODIES WILL NEED TO BE REPLACED I turned the screws anyway, I had to know what would happen and the result, buy new throttle bodies. All I had to do was bring the bike to Jake and his crew for diagnosis before the screw affair. As a result when Jake’s crew installed the new throttle bodies they also found the real issue a failed cam sensor ring under warranty. So the purpose of this little story is to pass on the following: When you have a situation that is note easily diagnosed bring it to the guys that know and have the equipment as well as any updates that may apply to your machine. Thanks to Tom in parts for all his help in getting the Throttle bodies out of Germany in reasonable time and thanks for getting the cam ring overnight to get the job done. Thanks to Jake and crew for getting my machine into the shop and repaired in great time. Thanks to Art for providing me with a machine to get me home, I live 65 miles from the shop. Thanks to Lynn for cleaning my Helmet visor as I was leaving. Thanks to Ron for the conversation. Food for thought, the throttle bodies cost $1000.00 installed, the cam ring was under warranty. BRING YOUR MACHINE TO CONTRY RODE FOR PROBLEMS, THEY WILL TELL YOU WHAT THE ISSUES ARE AND YOU CAN GO FROM THERE. CRBMW, A GREAT TEAM READY TO HELP YOU IN A PLEASANT AND HELPFUL MANNER.
— Chris Adams
Spring Service
While enjoying yet ANOTHER Sat. afternoon presentation by Country Roads, I was re-filling my coffee cup and heard Jake going through a little self defamation, on satisfying all of us during this spring rush to get our bikes ready for riding. I thought about it for some reason while riding the ‘long way home’ and how far off the mark it sounded to me. I personally feel very satisfied and thankful after getting my RT back with another 6,000 mi. service completed. There’s a lot to said for that feeling and I appreciate the guys in service taking care of all of us especially under the gun of this time of the year... so... THANKS!!!
— Capt. Jake, and crew
Travel West
just returned from my travels in the West. I want to thank all the folks at CRM. Your advice and gear recommendations made the trip that much more enjoyable. I also created a short trip write-up with pictures if you’d like to include it in your travel/adventure section on the website. I have lots more pictures and video from the trip but this write-up is a decent summary. Thanks again. Buying the GS has been one of my best decisions. It truly is cheaper than a psychiatrist! Cheers!
— Dirk Endres
Rob, who recently purchased an F650GS says I wanted to let you know I love the bike it’s the best thing I ever spent money on thanks
— Rob Piatt
Lane Positioning
Several days ago, I was riding down a busy two-lane road at dusk. Cars were in front of me, behind me, and whizzing by in the opposite lane. There was a limited View. When riding in these conditions I make a point of placing my motorcycle in the left rear tire track of the vehicle in front of me. I never ride between the tire tracks of the vehicle in front of me. And it paid off. The automobile in front of me swerved slightly to the left. I caught the movement and swerved my motorcycle slightly left to maintain my line in the car’s left rear tire track. I immediately learned why the car swerved because out from underneath it, flew a broken off muffler canister. If I hadn’t been tracking the left rear tire track of the vehicle in front of me, I would have hit the canister. It would have been ugly. See you in Third Gear. Respectfully, Jim Ford.
— Jim Ford
Pleasure doing business with you
I just want to say how much I enjoy my new Vespa. The first tank of gas gave me 70mpg using the expressway from Brockport. The gas mileage made me very happy and the scooter is really fun to ride. I would like to commend you on having Drew as your scooter salesman. His enthusiasm was contagious, his knowledge of scooters was impressive. The whole buying process was very enjoyable. There was absolutely no pressure to buy which I greatly appreciated. thanks for creating a very comfortable dealership where you feel you are welcome.
— Rob Berry
1200GS throttle bodies
Hi, Just wanted to say thanks for getting my throttle bodies synched on my GS. After a nice ride home through the FingerLake region I’m really pleased with the work. It took less than an hour to get it done. Thanks Art and Ron for keeping me occupied while I waited for Dan to finnish up the work. Keep up the good work.
— Dan Nicoloff
Never owned a German Bike
Direct to: Message to Art Comment: I’ve never owned a German bike (had an Audi though), Art has always been a gentleman and is more interested in promoting the sport of motorcycling than pressuring you into a sale. CRM is an excellent place to kick tires and learn from people who are passionate about bikes , trikes , scooters , and the like THANKS AGAIN!!
— Dave B.
Subject: Our 3rd BMW from Country Rode

I guess that tells you something about this BMW dealership, GREAT people all working together to make thinks right for the customer.

I don’t know any other motorcycle dealer that has everyone involved during the purchase like Country Rode does.

This was a very interesting purchase in that the transport company bringing the bike from BMW Indianapolis to Fairport took 6 weeks to delivery it, they had Ron going crazy trying to get them to fix a delivery date.

A big thank you to all of you.

To Art for finding the bike in the color with the option we were looking for, well almost, and for trailering the bike to our house between snow storms due to the late shipment by the transport company.

To Ron for arranging a test ride and chasing the transport company and completing the sale.

To Ron’s sales partner (I am terrible with names) thank you for the test ride on an R1200RT and R800GT and for your chasing of the shipper while Ron was on vacation.

To Tom for getting the optional seat and other items for the bike to the shop on time.

To Jake and crew for the nice preparation of the bike.

To Lynn for her kind conversations and support as always.

See what I mean, the whole team was involved.

This 2014 R1200RT is a beautiful bike and is extremely easy to ride, Kathy and I hope to make some long trips on it during the next few years. I don’t think there are many bikes out there that compare to it in all aspects.

To all out there interested in buying a BMW, don’t make the mistake of buying elsewhere. Go no further, buy from Country Rode.
— Chris in Skaneateles NY
Great Service
Just wanted to send a quick note to say how pleased I am with the service I had on my 02 R1150GS. I picked it up last night and rode it home, runs better than ever!
— Dennis Froio
My new F800ST
I received my registration yesterday with your nice note. My wife and I appreciate the way you do your business. Yes I was fairly cold when getting home after the hour plus ride, but Ive been out since in colder temps. Mother nature has not been kind this spring so I only have 450 miles on the odometer. Last weekend was a pleasure when temps hit 65 but I didnt have time to ride that day. I had time on Saturday and put in 180 mile journey around some finger lakes. Ill see you guys when I hit 1000 miles which with my current schedule will not be soon. Thanks, Bill.
— Bill from Auburn
New R1200RT
Art, It was a pleasure to meet you and do business with Ron on my 2011 R1200RT. This is a bike that I have lusted over since it first came out. I > was impressed with how it handled and braked on my first ride. Everybody that looks at the RT compliments me for my selection. I generally keep my bikes for 4-5 yrs. but feel this bike will be in my stable for many, many yrs. I can’t wait for the new scooters to come in this fall. I have my wife > convinced in would be perfect for her. You can bet I will purchase from Country Rode again !
— Norm Bonesky
Hi Tom...Thanks for the help yesterday with sorting out what Gerbing gear my wife and I will need for our trip next month...I will bring her in this Saturday morning to get fitted. I appreciate your knowledge of the product...you guys have a great place...
— Jeff Fitch
My new F650GS
On 7/28/2010 11:47 AM, Frank D Malone Jr wrote: So, Art, I have taken three (3) short trips [on the F650GS] to date and I was comfortable the entire time, wow. The first trip was five hours to Lewisville PA, no stops. The second trip was six hours to Lake Placid, no stops. The third trip was six hours to Webster from Lake Placid, no stops. What a great bike. Smooth ride, great mileage, easy to handle, and quick. I love it!
— Frank Malone
Getting my R80 back on the road
On 7/6/2010 3:25 PM, WILLIAM G WAGGENER wrote: HI folks, Thank you very much for your assistance with my 87 R80RT during the past week. Dan and Jake were live-savers with parts and service. After the tires, wheel and repairs on the R80RT, we had no trouble with the last 1000 miles of our trip back to Atlanta. We enjoyed visiting Oswego while friendly biker folks (Doug Malone of Malone’s Garage, John Ford of Wheel-A-Way Motorsports and especially Bob and Edna Harmony of Oswego) helped get the R80 back on the road. Please let me know if there is a preferred forum in which to sing your praises. Again many thanks for all your help. Your support allowed us to successfully complete the 2500+ mile trip.
— William (Bill) Waggener
BMW Summer GLoves
Lyn, Just wanted to let you know how fantastic the BMW Summer Gloves are. I Rode over 2 hours in driving rain without so much as a drop of water penetration. My hands stayed dry and toasty the entire time. These gloves have far exceeded my expectations as you said they would. Thanks for recommending them!
— Jim Spotts
Art, Lynn, Ron, Tom, Jake, Toby, Dan: Passed a major milestone today on the LT, 100,000 miles of smiles. It took 8 years, 3 weeks, 3 days. The next 100k should go quicker.
— Dave Granzin