BMW Navigator VI
Without Advanced Cradle $949.00
With Advanced Cradle $999.00 (special order only)

*Will install in the same mount that you are using for your Nav IV or Nav V!
NEW Even brighter with optimal legibility thanks to the circular polarization filter display, even during direct sunlight
Water-tight in accordance with IPX7 and petrol-resistant
Improved "Winding roads" route option for avoidance of built-up areas wherever possible
New option: "Avoid major country roads"
Allows automatic avoidance of highways during route calculation and recalculation. Combined with the existing motorway avoidance feature, roads can be selected that are even better suited to biking
Can be combined with various route options e.g. "Winding road" to achieve an optimal result
New feature: round trip
Enables a route to be created with an identical start and finish and a specified duration, a certain time or a specific stop-off point
Any combination of route options and avoidance strategies
New feature: music streaming via smartphone
Enables you to listen to music saved on a smartphone via the Navigator VI
Music playback via smartphone is started and stopped via Navigator VI
Playback of tracks with Android smartphones in the sequence on the smartphone, with iOS playback of smartphone playlists is also possible
Pre-installed map data for Europe or North America
Free map updates for the entire service life for pre-installed maps
16 GB internal Flash memory
Micro-SD card slot for SDXC cards up to 64 GB
Optimized for the BMW Motorrad communication system for listening to navigation prompts, making calls or listening to music
Optional Smartphone Link App for real-time traffic and weather updates
Lane assist with photorealistic junction views
Improved route planning and guidance: new trip technology with via and shaping points enables longer and more detailed motorcycle tours to be compiled
TTS navigation announcements partly with natural guidance

We carry this great line of BUMOT luggage designed for most Enduro motorcycles. 
 Check: for full line. They are constructed of 2mm thick aluminum and made in Bulgaria.
As they are distributed locally, we can usually have them within 24 hours.  You can order what you need from us and pick them up here. Save the shipping expense!  

The below waterproof Euristan 6.5 liter roll bag is perfect for use on a Scooter. It's large enough for a wallet, cell phone & lunch. It's the first thing we've en that works so well. the video shows several ways the bag can be used on a Scooter. It can be used on a motorcycle in many ways too. It has an optional over the shoulder strap for when off your bike. Only $65 too

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We can help you determine the accessories you need from Twisted Throttle and are happy to order them for you. Our service department is well qualified to install them if you are not a do-it yourself person..


It doesn’t matter where you’re going – there’s always something to take along. Whether you’re taking an everyday trip or traveling around the world, BMW Motorrad offers the right bag and luggage solution for every journey. When it comes to quality, design and functionality, we don’t settle for anything less than the best. That’s why we put a lot of thought into the little details, and use only the toughest materials.

BMW TANK BAGS that fit perfectly on designated model



The issue with connecting electrical accessories to modern bikes with CAN Bus technology is well known. 
The CLS Connect is wired directly to the battery and your electric accessory or or supplemental accessory outlet connects to it. The CLS is essentially a switch that can detect when the engine is running and when you stop the engine, the CLS interrupts the power to the accessory
and when you start again, the power to the accessory is started. Unit is waterproof. 
This will avoid a dead battery if you forget to turn ypur accessory off. MSRP $99.99

We have been a Touratech Dealer for many years and would be happy to help you determine what accessories suit your needs and order them for you. 

BMW Dry Bag, the perfect solution if you don't have a top case







NEW: Passenger Backrest for K 1600 GT or K 1600 GTL. Produced locally. Easy application. Cost $399.





TIRE WEAR, FALSE ECONOMY: Tires are often ignored, it's false economy to try to get the very last miles out of your tires. Remember that this is your interface with the road and you only have 2 wheels. How much grip would you like to have when you really need it? As a rule of thumb 1000 miles of tire life equates to $30, just how much is your time and safety worth? We want you to enjoy a wonderful safe riding season so check your tires.

We have Michelin, Metzeler and Continental tires in stock for most models or we can order what you need. We will assist you resolve any problem if  there is a product issue with any tire you purchase from us.

We carry a full selection of BMW lubricants and chemicals to keep your bike running in top condition. we also sell Redline synthetic oils.

For bike cleaning, we carry the  S100 cleaning and polishing products and Meguiars Final Inspection  for detailing & Vinyl & rubber cleaner.  
For the home mechanic, we have Clymer and Haynes manuals for both the new and older models. 
For personalizing your bike, we have varied bike accessories in stock, or Tom will work with you to find and obtain the items you want.

VersaHaul is the ultimate solution to haul all your motorcycle, sport bike and scooter needs.

The VersaHaul is made of sturdy, 14 gauge steel. The anti-tilt lock bracket is included with every carrier and is designed to stabilize the carrier and eliminate movement. A high quality powder paint coating ensures protection against the elements. Manufactured with high precision techniques, VersaHaul is made with quality unparalleled.

We can order one for you here at CRM.

                                PARTS STAFF
Tom, Parts Manager is extremely knowledgeable about BMW motorcycles, parts, and accessories,
as well as Piaggio/Vespa Scooter parts and accessories. He's be doing it for nearly 20 years and can help you determine and/or find the parts needed for your bike. Whatever your question or problem, Tom can usually find the solution. Should Tom not be available to assist with regular parts needs, most Staff is able to help but please be patient.

                                                                         PARTS DEPARTMENT

We have all the routine BMW parts for regular service in stock. For an unusual part we can order it for you and if it's available, we'll have it for you as soon as possible. For BMW parts, it is best if you have the actual part number, unless the order is for a relatively common part such as: "Oil Filter for K-series." Please specify the year and model of your BMW. For payment of the special-order deposit, please have your credit card information ready.

Contact Tom in our Parts Department via email by filling in the form below.

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