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Bill Stone, the ZERO Rep will be here for our Demo day. It was a busy day last year and folks discovered the fun and power of the ZERO. If you've been shy about coming and trying one out, here's your chance. Find out for yourself what it's like to go electric!

“The Zero is a preview of coming attractions: a technically superior, emotionally inferior motorcycle, effortless to ride, crazy fast, fetishly tech, and all electric.”
-Dan Neil, The Wall Street Journal

“I needed no further convincing that—if you’re comfortable with the initial cost—Zero has succeeded in making electric motorcycles practical for the long haul as well as shorter trips. I also found riding 180-mile days on this DSR much less tiring than on a similar combustion-engine motorcycle. The lack of noise, vibration and heat really makes a difference over a long day in the saddle, especially with the convenience of not having to work the clutch and gear levers.”
-Alan Cathcart, Rider Magazine

We regret that Joel, Helmet House Rep., will unable be here to show you the newest Shoei, HJC, Tourmaster & Cortec products for 2017 due to an unexpected business conflict.