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Myth-Busting Track Days Recap

Street Skills
Cornering Confidence Course @ NYST with Jon Delvecchio

The essentials:
Private track day
Just for street riders
Cornering instruction
Two nights camping
Action photographer (pics from last year)
Limited to 20 riders,10 spots remaining as of 3/18/17
All motorcycle types are welcome
Special guests have been invited
August 14, 2017
$400 (space still available)

If you haven't experienced a track day recently, you might be missing out.  Yes, typical track day's can be filled with adrenaline junkies and lots of fast-paced action.  But some have a more reasonable character that is little known. Jon DelVecchio from Street Skills LLC was here to explain how easy it is for street and sport-touring riders to spend time on a racetrack. Tracks are both fun and educational.  He will share several track day organizations that are directly suited to the street  rider.