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2RidetheWorld coming to Country Rode in July

Simon & Lisa Thomas who have been riding the world on their motorcycles for 12 years are going to be headed to Country Rode this summer.   They will be giving their presentation at 6 pm. A $5 donation would be appreciated for this event.  A call to reserve a seat would also help us determine how many to expect for seating/standing room. This is going to be an exciting event.

Simon & Lisa are planning on  running a raffle with some cool prizes including a  SENA  bluetooth communication system valued at $150 as a top prize. Tickets are $5 for this raffle. 

Faymus Foods,  a food Vendor will be in the Parking lot so you can grab a bite to eat if coming directly from work or just want to enjoy something listed  on their menu. Their menu is: Pulled pork sandwiches; Red Osier roast beef sandwiches; white & red hots; mac salad available as a side, chips & soda. They will be here from 4pm - approx. 8 pm. 


Here's some information if you'd like to check them out. 

Simon & Lisa Thomas
2 Ride The World:          

Nomad Fotos Web:
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