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December 12th and lots of motorcycles parked in the CRM lot.
Who would expect to see that. Nice turnout for the 'Rider's Top Ten' Presentation by Jon DelVecchio, Rider Coach. Great discussion and interest from the audience. Always good to be reminded of the safety things to be aware of when our bikes. Sometimes we get a bit complacent and forget to pay full attention to riding techniques.

 ARE YOU AN ABOVE AVERAGE RIDER?  Odds are you view yourself as one. But what is your self-evaluation based on?  Jon DelVecchio from Street Skills will be here to discuss a "Top 10" list of things to do that will make you truly rise to the top among riders! It will be  good material to mull over during the non riding months and practice when riding season starts up.. 

Jon will also take this opportunity to tell you about his new riding school and classes that he started up this year and will be continuing next year. His classes designed to help you improve your street skills and are given mostly in the immediate area.  Less costly than having to travel a great distance for such courses. Jon is a MSF rider Coach having taught for Learn2ride for several years. He is dedicated to rider safety. 

"This holiday season, give a gift that lasts every mile. Jon will have available gift certificates to his 2016 on-road courses right here in the Rochester area. " Great idea for your 'wishlist' to give your family!