Fall Seaway Loop to Adirondack Park


The annual fall Motorcycle Camping Trip is anticipated with caution due to the unpredictable weather in the North East. This year's trip along the Seaway Trail and through the Adirondacks was greetedFall Ride with fantastic warmth and dry conditions. The first portion of the trip consisted of straight line runs along the eastern shores of Lake Ontario and along the St. Lawrence River. The twisty roads were saved for the run from Massena to Tupper Lake and Old Forge. The trip from Syracuse no Highway 3 led through Mexico, NY to cross the Salmon River. Route 3 parallels the many sandy beaches along the eastern shore. Our first stop was Sandy Pond beach. It was closed for the season, but that isn't important when you are just there for the sights. When the parks close many times the lavatory facilities close... so be aware!

As we continued along Route 12 North to Cape Vincent, the scenery looked very much like the flat lands of Nova Scotia. Route 12 East took us to Clayton and its Shipyard Museum; then on to Alexander Bay and the beautiful Kring State Park. (You camp along The St. Lawrence seaway and watch the ocean ships sail along 24/7.

The middle of September is about the last week for many of the larger restaurants in Alex Bay, but the locals will steer you to the best spots.

Route 12 will merge with 37 E to Ogdensburg, land of the steel roofs, classic diners, and the northern tip of Black Lake. Then the route goes on to Massena and the massive Robert Moses power project and State Park, and Eisenhower Locks. All along the riverFall Ride there are areas where camping is available. The flat topography draws you to the rivers edge.

South on Routes 420, 49 and 458 lead you towards the Adirondack Park and St. Regis Falls, then on to Meacham Lake. Half of the parks are closed after Labor Day. Many of the state park staff members are summer helpers. When they leave, the parks consolidate the remaining staffs, and close many camping areas. Therefore, the demand for limited sites can be high. It's a good idea to reserve ahead or stop early.

Route 30 funnels you to Paul Smiths and eventually to the Fish Creek Pond Camping area. Following this familiar route will take you to Tupper Lake, Long Lake, and the famous Blue Mountain Lake and its Adirondack Museum. Then Route 28 takes you back to Old Forge (quite the popular place for the day trippers from Central New York), then on to Route 12 as it intersects with Route 365. This road runs through a small town with beautiful architecture called Holland Patent, NY. Finally Route 365 takes you to Rome, NY and back to the I-90 for a slab ride home into the sunset.

Stay safe, ride hard.

—John & Derek Goodemote