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As Gerbing/GYDE products appear to no longer be dedicated to the motorcycling community, we found another brand that we felt would better suit motorcycling.  We have selected First Gear's Warm & Safe heated clothing. We have a close out on remaining Gyde/Gerbing products in stock. 

 We have 1 liners left that were$215 now $149. If we have one that fits you, this is a great opportunity to SAVE.  
All remaining  in-stock Gerbing/Gyde products including gloves, insoles controllers, etc. on sale for a 30% savings. Call for details on availability. These products are compatible with FirstGear Warm and Safe heated products as they have coax connections.

Cleaning out old inventory and found some odd Vespa accessories
Is there anything here you can use?

  • 1 Vespa LX150 black floor mat: was $48 now $25.

  • 3 Vespa LX150 sidestand kits: were $37 each now $25 each

  • 1 Vespa dust cover fits ET@/ET4, Vespa LX 150 FLy 150 andVespa GT's without top case: was $78 now $45
  • 1 Vespa (Universal size) Kryptonite chain & Lock:  was $104 now $40

  • Set of winter cover/leg warmers for an ET2/ET4 (May be able to modify to fit other models): was $138 now $40

  • 1 Vespa windscreen, fits Vespa S50 or S150: was $180 now $90

Last 3 Schuberth C3 SRC communication systems in stock reduced.