BMWs are motorcycles with a long history of reliability and longevity. It all started with the 1923 R32. Prior to that year, BMW manufactured aircraft engines, and motorcycle engines for other companies. The first car, the Dixi, was produced in 1929, six years after the R32.

BMW produced mainly shaft drive Boxer twin motorcycles, with some singles, up to the introduction of the 4-cylinder inline engine "K" bikes in the early 1980s. In the 1990s, the Boxer twin was almost dropped, but customer reaction led BMW to totally redesign the engine, moving from relatively low power airheads to high power oil-cooled heads in 1994. ABS and the Telelever anti-dive front end were both introduced at this time on the Boxer. Earlier versions of ABS were on the mid-80s K bikes.

BMW has a long history of competitive racing, holding land speed records and race laurels throughout the years. In the 1980s, BMW also introduced the dual-sport concept with the R80G/S and R100GS, and won the Paris-Dakar Rally several times, repeating those wins in the late 1990s with the F650GS single.

Today, BMW is involved in dirt racing (the G450X), track racing (HP2Sport), and World Superbike (S1000RR). The company also supports and encourages many large dual-sport rallies and schools. Many technological and safety features have evolved from these efforts and from Formula 1 car racing.

Our bikes today have features such as traction control, controlled area electrical networks (no more fuses), on-board computers, electronic suspension adjustment and shift assist, to name a few. The exceptional warranty, reliability and technology associated with BMW motorcycles, causes today's motorcycle enthusiast to give the BMW a serious look, as we have a model for almost any purpose.

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