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 A Bob Pitkin Report

 Thought I would report in with a brief description of my recent “Vespa Free Range Ride-About.”

For two weeks of glorious weather I was out of the Rochester area on my Dragon Red Vespa 300.  

 Had a great time, heading first to Olean, N.Y., then three quarters of the way through Allegheny National Forrest where I spent the night in my newly acquired Hennesy Hammock tent. 

  On day two I passed through the National Forrest and headed westerly to the quaint (ha ha) city of Youngstown Ohio, then south about 20 miles to a Circle 8 motel... Very comfortable. 

 On day three I headed south on Rt. 7 and followed the mighty Ohio River to the quaint
 (no ha ha, really quaint) city/town of Marietta, Ohio, and from there across the big river to a very very quaint  Williamstown, W. V.
 I hankered down there for a week spending time with daughter, son-in-law and grand daughter, 3 Y.O.  

 Then, heading east, I crossed West Virginia and stayed for the first time at an AirBnB place.

 Heading north I passed through western Maryland, beautiful country. There I passed through the little town of Accident, where the natives call themselves “Accidentals.”  
A night at a Motel 8 in northern Pa.,then north on Rt. 36  where I stayed at a friends house about 7 miles west of Geneseo.  In the morning we went to the crazy new little 50’s restaurant, and kinda a museum, in Caledonia for breakfast.  I recommend a scooter trip there if the weather allows. After the meal, I completed the 30 minute last leg of the trip, getting the only rain (and not much) I experienced while traveling!

 Total miles traveled:    1077
 Animals approaching the Vespa while in motion:  1 chipmunk,  1 turkey vulture in flight!    No dear or bears. 1.45 million insects.

 It was a great trip through mountains and hills galore, chatted with a dozen or so “10 minute friends,” and averaged ( with me, 190 pounds, and 40 pounds of gear) 69.72 MPG! 

   Also, I was able to manage 5 Reddd Doggg volleyball teams at Hotshots on University Ave, through cell phone and internet via a Mac Air.

 I didn’t say yet that the Vespa behaved perfectly. It did!

 Hope to do something similar next year.

 The photo is at the Glen Iris in Letchworth Park on day 1