Ron Stone attends BMW's 'Ride & Learn 2015'

Tuesday morning, Aug. 11th,  I had a chance to ride the 2016 F800R, R1200RS, and the S1000XR. I chose the R1200RS to start with and which I liked a lot (this could be bad for my finances). At the Elmo Grocery I switched to the S1000XR. Very fast so the shift asst. worked great. At Berry Hill, where we stopped for a beverage & snack break,  then I rode the F800R. This is  a great bike for riding the 'twisties'. Each segment was about 30 miles.  

Tuesday afternoon I had a chance to ride the S1000RR on Virginia International Raceway. What a bike! It's very impressive going along the straight at 100mph and have Nate Kern pass you at almost 200mph! Unfortunately, I had to leave the track early because of the heat which was in the high 90's with about a billion% humidity


The Berry Hill Resort to change motorcycles. The resort provided Ice tea, Lemonade and cookies for us

The Elmo Grocery, which they are restoring and making into a brewery. they had water,soda and pit-stop for us. Very interesting place.

At the Virginia international Raceway, Nate Kern is the guy in the skullcap. 

Stopping to get out of the rain

Remember when Prices were..............