"A Photo Blog" of The Smith Boys 'Father & Son' Cross Country Ride

Father/Son M/C trip across the USA began on 7/12. A 7/13 email says: "We're at the top of the thumb of the Michigan mitten." We wish them a safe fun riding adventure.

July 18  We've covered 1300 miles in a week.   In Pierre SD tonight.   Bad Lands and Black Hills next couple of days.

July 24  The bikes in the Wind River Canyon on the way to Cody WY.  New tires and a reattached vacuum tube and I'm a new man!

I hear my dad's been sending you iiphone photos. Here's a much better one taken by yours truly :) Alex.
This photo was taken right off of route 28 in Idaho heading towards Salmon. The road is bordered on either side by separate mountain ranges

Found a beautiful old farm house built in 1885.  Wow! Craig

On our final leg to Portland OR yesterday.  A marathon 368 mile day from Lewiston ID.  Craig

Columbia River Gorge. Included ripe black raspberries warm from the vine.

We left Portland yesterday.  Here we are waiting to be flagged on over Mt Hood.  Spent this morning at Crater Lake.  Now in Crescent City CA so we can ride the Redwoods tomorrow.  Daughter, Hannah and wife, Theresa, are with us for this part in the pink Cadillac. Tired, but still enjoying the adventure and time away from work.

August 12: After spending some time in the San Francisco area doing the tourist thing, getting a few replacement parts & apparel, as a result of Alex's collision with a deer, Craig & Alex are headed back East. They are now halfway across Nevada. These are the sand dunes on Route 50, the loneliest highway in America.

Alex and I got to stay at a friend's back country cabin two nights ago.  Very cool.  Tonight we're in Delta, Utah after a 300+ mile day.  Loved the Loneliest Road in Nevada.  Gorgeous views and plenty of gas stations! Craig.

On 191 North headed for eastern Utah

On 191 North headed for eastern Utah

Found a project bike for Dan farther down the road! Craig  

Found a project bike for Dan farther down the road!


Thirty miles east of Steamboat Springs. Got washed by a thunder storm 20" later.

August 22nd: The 'Smith Boys' arrived home safe & sound after covering 7391 miles on their trip. We welcome them home. Craig reports that they had a great time but are also glad to be home!