Scooter Travel – New York to Florida

Eric Hambsch, a BMW motorcycle owner from Odessa, Florida, was in the Rochester area in September to attend a wedding. Eric and his lovely wife (check gallery photo) decided to spend some time kicking tires by checking out scooter dealers in the area. Interested in scooters and new technology, Eric tried a Can-Am Spyder and was not fully impressed, so he stopped at CRM to check out BMWs. While here, he discovered the 500cc Piaggio MP3, and he took a demo ride. Eric was so impressed that he purchased it on the spot (the customer made in heaven). Eric then decided that he was going to ride the MP3 back to Florida on the following Monday, so he also purchased the necessary riding gear to get him there safely (and warmly) attired.

Eric called CRM the following Friday, having just arrived back in Odessa, and reported to Drew that he had the time of his life riding the MP3 home. Eric said that the MP3 was awesome on the "Tail of the Dragon." Eric is willing to share the photos that he took on his most excellent Scooter trip. If you'd care to view them, they say it all.

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