A Hard Ride to Utah

My good friend, Vaughn aka Buford Pembroke and I left Rochester May 24th to attend the World Super Bike races at Miller Motor Sport Park in Tooele, Utah. We made good time by staying mostly on interstates. Although we did ride some of Rt. 30 in Nebraska where we stopped for pie and coffee at a neat place called the Red Rooster. Once back on the interstate we ran into heavy cross winds of 20-40 knots. It was work, keeping our bikes in our lane fighting the crosswinds. Makes you tired. There is so much open space in Wyoming that there's nothing to stop the wind.

We arrived in Sandy, UT on May 27th. The motel was hard to find even with the GPS. I missed a turn (I never miss a turn!) and had to ride through a mall (yuk) to find the motel (thank goodness for GPS).

Friday the 28th we checked out BMW Motorcycles of Utah. The crew there suggested some great roads for us to ride. We headed south on Rt 15 to Spanish Flats. There we picked up Rt 89 south. Then it's Rts 31, 10, 72, and 24. We still had strong cross winds, but the roads were wonderful fun. Lots of turns and beautiful scenery. Again, the wind got to us, so we stopped for pie and coffee in Lyman. You can tell we're both fond of pie, any kind will do. It was time head back. We took Rt. 24 north to Rt. 50 heading to I5 and the motel.

Our exciting motorcycle trip ended in seconds with a sudden zero-visibility sand storm on Rt 50 about ten miles south of Scipio. A vehicle coming the opposite direction crossed into our lane, hit me on the right side knocking off the right cylinder of my R1200ST, and then hit Buford's K1200LT head on. We were doing everything right, slowing and hugging the shoulder line. Couldn't even see what was on the other side of the line to know if it was safe to pull over and stop.

I sustained 8 broken ribs, a bruised lung, and a broken right hand, but was able to return home a week later. Buford was not so fortunate; he remains in Utah Regional Medical Center in Provo with a broken sternum, collarbone, and three ribs. He had a shattered T3 vertebra and although has use of his arms and hand, may be paralyzed below the chest. He has had many medical issues keeping him from progressing with his rehab so that he is not yet medically stable enough to send home.

BMW Motorcycles of Utah was very accomodating in collecting and sending our gear to NYS but also in transporting my wife and sister when they came to Provo. They were wonderful, so if you visit them know you will be treated well.

In reviewing this accident with the police photos, I realize that Buford and I are lucky to be alive. I can only emphasize how important it is wearing all of your riding gear all of the time.

If you are interested in following Buford's progress, his family has set up a Blog site called Rebuilding Buford. As Buford's Rehab, home modifications, equipment, etc. will be very costly, Country Rode is accepting donations to pass onto him. If you wish to donate, you can make a check out to Vaughn Pembroke and mail it here, we are taking cash donations at the counter too. Walworth Hardware where Buford works is taking donations. Their address is Walworth Hardware, PO Box 50, Walworth, NY 14568

Buford needs all the support his fellow motorcycle riders can give him.

—Ron Stone, Sales Manager CRM