Simon and Lisa stopped at Country Rode for installation of new tires. These photos show you what  "life on the road" entails -----removing all your luggage and then repacking it all. 

2Ride Recap

Sometimes, just sometimes a great bike journey has nothing to do with the curves, the bends or the horizon. Sometimes, it’s just because of the people and good times that happen along the way.

Over the years Lisa and I have shared our journey with over 100 live audiences. Each presentation event is special in it’s own way. Each one is a privilege that neither of us take for granted, where we can share what has been the most incredible 12-years of our lives so far. But now and again, everything falls into place and those evenings are great. They’re effortless, full of a intoxicating energy, smiling faces and an audience that laps up each word and then yells for another encore when it’s over.

Well, tonight’s presentation of our new ‘In Search of Freedom’ show at Country Rode Motowerks was one of those nights. I’m still buzzing.

We’d peeled into the Country Rode Motowerks car park yesterday, strolled inside the spacious showroom and instantly been greeted like old friends by Lynn and Art Elting the owners. Thirty minutes later and we’d shaken hands with all the staff and even answered a dozen quick fire question from Clayton, their sales man who’s been following our travels via the website for years.

A few locations, a few dealerships have good energy. You know what I mean, they just feel like good places that make you want to just hang out and stay for while. Maybe it’s because of the people that work there? Country Rode Motowerks is one of those places.

By mid afternoon we’d connected the computer to their projector and amplifier. The speakers sounded great and the projector was clear and bright. By 4:30pm the parking lot was already filling with bikes and by 5:30 the showroom was packed to overfilling. We kicked off at 6:20pm to standing room only. Every one of the 75 seats had a backside on it and even the 8 bikes left in the room was now being used as people settled in ready for the show. With a few stragglers arriving just after we’d started we shared our journey with almost 100 new friends.

The first hour flew by and the second went by even faster. What a great evening. We ended up calling a halt to the Q&A session after it became clear that if we didn’t we’d be there all night. We rounded the night off with a group shot.

Lisa and I wanted to say a thank you to everyone that made gave us their time and joined us for the evening. We know that you could all have been doing something else, somewhere else, so the fact that you chose to join us tonight is truly appreciated. Thanks for becoming part of our journey. Ride far, ride safe.

We need to say a big thank you to Lynn and Art who shared their home with us. Guys, thank you for taking such good care of us, hanging out with you was a real treat.

If you’re passing through New York state, do yourself a favour and drop by Country Rode Motowerks at
Country Rode Motowerks, 286 Macedon Center Road, Fairport, NY 14450 USA
Telephone – 585-421-0480
Toll Free – 866-323-6570
Fax – 585-421-0715
GPS – N 43° 05.791′ W 77° 25.452′

Simon & Lisa Thomas - 2RideTheWorld

Simon and Lisa gave an awesome Presentation Friday evening at Country Rode. It was entertaining, informative and just plain fun. Their passion for motorcycling and love of travel was very evident and It was fascinating hearing what they have experienced. If you have an opportunity to hear their Presentation at another Dealership or Rally don't miss it!  Some comments were: "Awesome event, awesome people"! " Fun,informative, with some great story's!! they are living life!!" "Best Presentation ever held at Country Rode".

Thank you to all who attended (we counted 87) and hope you enjoyed the Presentation as much as we did.

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Simon & Lisa in the Sahara: 

We wanted to share a small 'snippet' from the Presentation of The Search for Freedom by Simon & Lisa Thomas to give you a taste of what you missed. If you have an opportunity to attend their Presentation elsewhere do so! We know that they will be at the MOA Rally in Billings, Montana, at Second Wind BMW in New Hampshire, at Bob's BMW in Maryland. Check out their Presentation Schedule at 

This is a map of Simon & Lisa's travels which came from the back of their T-shirt. As you can see they have had some extensive travels. They have visited 78 countries with plans to continue traveling the World until they reach 122 countries. Looks like they may be traveling for another 7 to 10 years! Their BMW's and their tent are their home. They have no home anywhere else! This is some hard living but they  appear to love it. They passed on some really good advice for any motorcycle travel such as: always have your first aid kit & tool kit readily available so you don't have to hunt through your bags when you need them; always pack in the same order so you know where everything is; carry your camera in your tank bag so it's easily available to take a photo without getting off your bike.

Packing up is efficiency & organization

Married 12 years & together 24/7 sharing the adventures of Traveling the World. 

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